What Is A Online Personal Trainer And Do I Need One ?

We want to answer all your questions about online personal trainers and if you need one. After reading this blog you should be in the position to make your decision. Which will change your life for the better.

What do I get from an online personal trainer ?

Just like face to face in person personal training, you can get tailored workouts and nutrition plans. These are based on your level of fitness and experience in the gym to help you towards your goals. Along with that you will receive weekly check-ins with your coach. This will keep your trainer up to date with progress and any problems you have encountered through the week.

Not any two online personal trainers will be the same in the way they operate. You can expect expertise, knowledge and constant support through your journey. Some online trainers will add you to a private Facebook or WhatsApp group with the same intentions and goals as yourself, this helps with motivation seeing others get great results. While others may prefer a day to day catch up with progress. Coaches are there to help and to teach, if you have a question don’t be scared to ask.

How To Find an Online Personal Trainer

The way you find a trainer will depend on how you interact with your coach and what method they use to communicate. Using apps like My PT Hub and CoachMePlus which offer amazing software for online personal trainers to keep up with the progress of clients. With these apps you have access to an exercise library and workout plans from your coach. This includes a messaging service to keep in contact and for motivation.

Another method of online personal training comes from coaches who work from gyms and look toexpand their business online. These coaches will supply weekly check-ins, exercise library and a monthly workout plan. They may offer face to face consultations prior to any workout or nutrition plan being presented.

The third and best way to find an online personal trainer is The1Coach, our platform offers you hundreds of the best online personal trainers around. Showing in depth and detailed profiles of each coach, presenting you with all the information you need to choose your 1Coach.

You can search out a coach who precisely suits your needs.. Trust is very important when making a decision like this, because you are putting your trust and faith in your coach to help you achieve.

Who can benefit from online personal training

Amazing coaches often have a specific type of client they prefer to work with and specialise in. This will depend on qualifications and experience in the industry. Your coach might live on the other side of the plant or even next door. As a client you need to find the right coach.

Some coaches only work with vegans, bodybuilders or strongmen so its important to find the right coach. the answer to the question can be anyone. Any client can find any coach for any goal, meaning there is someone out their for you. which is why The1Coach is so unique as we have many coaches for various niches.

How Much Does It Cost?

Online training is very cost effective. You’re not paying a coach a high hourly rate (plus a gym membership). So you can get better training at a fraction of the price. Rather than booking an hour-long session at the gym each week. An online personal trainers can provide ongoing and better support as you work towards and achieve your goals.


Having an online personal trainer is a very wise move. It is very cost effective compared to in person personal training. The benefits are vast and out weight the cons. But make sure you choose the right coach for you. Visit The1Coach to choose your 1Coach and change your life for the better.

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