The Top Personal Training Insurance Providers In The UK

​To provide group fitness classes or one to one training services as a personal trainer in the UK, you must have insurance in place. To get correctly insured, you’ll need to have the relevant qualifications. But what are the top personal training insurance providers in the UK ?

​In this article, we will list the best three UK insurance providers that come highly recommended by experienced personal trainers. First, we’ll discuss a few aspects of personal trainer insurance that is important to understand, especially for newbies.

Questions to Ask Before Buying Personal Trainer Insurance

When considering your insurance provider, there are a few things which may be worth a closer look in your policy.

Is your specific service offering covered?

Most insurance providers will cover fitness classes and one to one personal training conducted in the gym, with the “safety brief” performed. The safety brief includes having a record of your client’s PAR-Q form, asking if they are injured or unable to perform any movements on a given day before starting exercise and going through the procedures for first aid. 

However, not all providers cover online training or sessions conducted away from the gym. So if you’re an online personal trainer or you see clients outside of the facility, such as triathlon training at the beach or taking part in an activity like an obstacle course race, it might be worth checking your policy.

Are you covered if you get injured and are unable to work?

Most insurance providers will cover you against legal action taken by your clients, or members of the gym. But have you thought of the importance of your income is protected? You’re more likely to be unable to work than you are to get sued so that this clause will be a vital one in your policy. If you were physically injured and were unable to work, you would find it useful if your insurance provides you with some level of income protection while you heal – or retrain.

Do you have to pay any excess?

Your insurance policy may have an “excess”. That means that if you do have to make a claim, you’ll have some amount to pay yourself. That amount is your excess, and most insurance providers will have an amount ranging from £100 to £500. The lower your excess (the part you pay), the more your insurance premium will cost. 

For example, if you need to claim £400 to pay your rent because you got injured and couldn’t work, but you’d only be approved if you pay an excess of £400 you agreed when taking out the insurance, then you aren’t helped at all. The key is to strike a balance and find an excess that’s right for you.

Does the policy include legal expenses?

Not all insurance policies include legal expenses as part of their package. It’s worth checking the small print for this because legal fees can get expensive, and may even be higher than the claim itself. 

What types of cover are there?

Let’s take a quick look at the type of insurance cover you may come across. Facilities and employers will dictate the type of insurance you will need to have to be able to work with them, so it’s well worth checking what you need before choosing a provider.

  • Public liability insurance will protect you if you get hurt, a client gets hurt, or if gym equipment gets damaged during a session. 
  • Professional indemnity insurance protects you against legal action if your clients get injured based on the advice you’ve given them. 
  • Sports equipment cover allows you to claim if your equipment is lost, stolen or damaged. Especially useful if you own your kit and take it to clients homes or boot camps. 
  • Personal accident cover is for you as the trainer. If you get hurt and can’t work, this can pay for physio or rehab.
  • Loss of earnings cover is used if you were to become sick or injured and unable to earn money. This would help to cover your expenses until you’re well enough to go back to work.
  • Employers liability insurance is relevant if you employ other trainers, and would cover any claims made against your business by them.

The Top Personal Trainer Insurance Providers In The UK

We’ll list the three most often recommended personal training insurance providers in the UK. Which one is the best for YOU will depend on your fitness business’ individual needs, so make sure you read through their terms thoroughly, understand what you get with each company and make your decision based on the most suitable from all aspect.

Financial Fitness Group personal trainer insurance

Financial Fitness

The Financial Fitness Group prides itself on doing things just a little differently. Instead of purchasing an insurance policy, as you would with most companies, Financial Fitness offers membership packages which include vital benefits to help your business, such as accountancy support – as well as insurance. 

Financial Fitness is an excellent choice for a personal trainer who is looking for more support with their business than merely paying for a policy. Their service is a particular right choice if you offer additional services within your business, such as nutrition consulting, or holistic therapies.

insure 4 sport personal trainer insurance

Insure 4 Sport

Insure 4 Sport is an industry leader. It offers two primary forms of insurance; fitness instructor insurance aimed at professionals that take group fitness classes. And personal trainer insurance which is mandatory before you start working closely with clients.

Interestingly, if you provide online training where you see your clients performing exercises (such as Zoom classes). Insure4Sport will cover you. They don’t include online training services where programming is delivered remotely. So your clients train on their own and you cannot observe proper form. 

One of the most compelling aspects of Insure4Sport is that they cover an extensive range of activities. This includes CrossFit, Zumba and Spin. The list of things they don’t cover extends to just 15 sports. ​

Balens personal trainer insurance

Balens Insurance

Balens is a multi-generational family business based on the UK, Balens offers insurance for a broader range of health care professionals. Personal trainers are included alongside yoga instructors, chiropractors and more. 

Balens take a broad approach to insurance within the fitness sector. Their offerings are worth considering when looking for a policy. Primarily if you work as a personal trainer in a well-being sector which has complimentary collaborations, such as those with occupational therapists.

​Their policies are highly customisable. So, if your services are in an unusual niche or provided in circumstances which might typically make it difficult for you to get insurance with other companies. Balens can give impartial advice and insurance cover in situations which other insurance companies may not. 

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