Online PT: Learn How To Create An Amazing Business

Online PT training is now more relative than ever. With the vast array of technological options and virtual training apps available, you can learn and create an amazing online personal training business in a limited time.

This guide will act as your helpful guide (hopefully) a smooth process towards your transition to a online PT business.

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, I left the gym and started training clients online. As we all know, it’s unfortunate to lose clients on a move and an inevitable change of availability.


To start your online personal training business, you first need to pick out the right technology, device, and fitness options to drive your training sessions. Next you should figure out your virtual workspace (if you plan to do live sessions or online classes)

Let’s break down each section of starting your business below- starting with technology, moving through your work space.


The study of taking your business online to offer online training services may be incredibly inviting at first. still, don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you from making a positive step towards your game- changing world of online personal training.

To set- up your training space, you will need two devices:

One device will be used as a camera, similar as a tablet, laptop, or smartphone, and will be used as you demonstrate exercises and observe your customer during the session.
The other device will be used to type in your clients details, including completed reps and other applicable data. You do not need to make a large financial investment when it comes to this tech. But along with a camera and one that is capable of running a word processing operation( similar as Google Docs) will do.


As a fitness professional, you know that great exercises are possible with little to no equipment. Personally I’d recommended your client has at least a set of dumbbells.

I generally recommend that each client has three sets of dumbbells. Weight ranges will vary from cleitn to client, but I follow this general guideline.

One set should be light( 1-3 kgs), one medium( 4-7 kgs), and one heavy( 8-10kgs). The weight selection will depend on numerous factors, including budget, current strength, and capabilities.

If a client has more equipment, with most eventually buying more. you as a coach will need to have a comparable item to demonstrate.

I recommend investing in the following particulars for your training space

Large ball
BOSU ® Ball
Slam Ball
drug Ball
Anything that fits in your home space and is within your budget is great.

Chances are you formerly have a wide range of dumbbells for your particular use, but if not, do not worry about matching your customer’s exact weight.

Depending on your background, a light weight could get lost on the camera. Maximizing visibility will allow you to train as seamlessly as possible.


Like numerous online coaches (including myself) I have been required to rely on pre-written, packaged, and ingrained training programs. These programs may be generic or geared toward a specific demographic( new mothers, elderly citizens, or those who want to train at home with a little guidance).

Frequently, these programs are available online to download for one price. These products are a great option to help your business and increase income. Pre-written programs are extensively different from the one to one coaching.

As with online personal training, you get to work with clients from all experiences. You’ll get to know your client, learn about his or her individual pretensions, and develop a program that’s strategic. Online PT training is not a one- size- fits- all approach, and further more a customized service meant to add value and strengthen connections.


A great approach is to use both pre-written programs and online training.

Because you can use sample programs and exercises that come freely with an app, you can give tried- and- tested programs for clients on days you don’t give a live session with.

This means you balance out training sessions with a mixture of live exercises and routines that online clients can do whenever they’re ready.

Here are some fresh tips on how I apply online training programming in the following videotape


Important as any service you offer, online training is not without some challenges. I want to partake in some benefits and downsides to consider while adding online training to your compass of service.


  • Online training allows you to reach a broader audience.
  • Online training can be more affordable than in-person training.
  • For someone who’s immunocompromised, it’ll be a important safer option.
  • Online training means your customer can still train with you no matter your position or theirs.


  • Certain people don’t like to workout outside of the gym.
  • Some people need very heavy and large weights or machines to reach their potential, and that’s not reasonable if you can give with a live training session.
  • Changeable WiFi may pose challenges as you train online. Both the coach and customer need a good connection to insure a great experience. A WIFI Booster might be an option for you.
  • Space could also be an issue in some cases. If you are planning on training clients live, you and your client will need Signiant space to train at home.


Now for the part that makes everyone cringe, payments! I suppose every entrepreneur on earth has questioned their value at one time or another. Am I worth that much? Yes, yes, you are! You’re offering a professional service that’s designed to change lives. Be confident in your pricing, and stick to it! You are not a discount shop.

To determine your pricing for live training sessions, I recommend charging 20- 25% LESS than you would charge the same customer for a analogous in- person training session.

Example If you charge Ian £50 for an in- person training session, you’ll charge him £25-£35 for an online session.



Just as you’d keep a profile for each client at the gym, you need to do that for your online clients as well. While software specific to particular coaches does work (MYPTHUB & TRUECOACH), it’s not at all necessary to run your online training business. You can veritably fluently run your business using free Google Drive apps( similar as docs and sheets) or using Microsoft office( similar as Word and Excel).

The beautiful thing about Google Drive is, it syncs across all of your devices, and files can be shared with your clients. However, do not worry, you can learn it quickly, If you are not familiar with Google drive. However, this will be no sweat for you, If you’ve ever used Microsoft Office. Google Drive is a fantastic all rounder that adds to the seamlessness of running a business online.

Each customer has his or her own Google document within my Google Drive account. That individual document contains the following customer-specific information:

  • cCustomer contact information, including address( if you have to call 999 on behalf of your customer, you ’ll need that information).
  • Emergency contact information for that customer( similar as a partner; mate; parent; neighbour or close friend). This is a point of contact if your client gests an emergancy during his or her session. Be set for the worst- case script, and also hope you will never have to use it.


Though your clients will be working with you remotely, using the correct forms and signatures is of utmost significance. These documents will cover you and your customer should anything go amiss during your online sessions. All documents and templates available at The1Coach


Liability Release

As you know, physical exertion of any kind comes with the threat of injury. Your client must admit this and release you, as their online coach, of any liability.

Safety Waiver

Contractual Agreement- This document is where I state my 24- hour cancelation policy. It also allows me to charge the customer’s session if they do not give 24- hours notice. I do make exceptions to this policy as necessary( family emergency etc.), but it’s entirely at your discretion. This keeps my clients liable and demonstrates the value of your time and service.

Physical exertion Readiness Questionnaire( Par- Q) with Health History Questionnaire

A Par- Q is a simple self-screening tool that can and should be used by anyone who’s planning to start an exercise program. It’s generally used by fitness coaches or trainers to determine the safety or possible threat of exercising for any person based on their health history, and current symptoms and threat factors.
These forms can be posted or my preference emailed to your customer. Instruct them to shoot the completed forms back and also file any hard copies or online. Indeed if you keep paper copies, it’s a good idea to add scanned copies to each customer’s particular(e.g., Google) as well. Make sure all forms are complete before their first training session with you. No matter how good a friend the customer may be, always complete the forms.

How To be Found As An Online Personal Trainer

The1Coach is the only way for coaches to showcase their skills online to new prospective clients. The aim of The1Coach is to give fitness professionals a platform to start and grow their online fitness business. This innovative platform will help 1000’s of fitness professionals achieve their dreams of becoming a full time online personal trainer. We are a UK based company with over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry.

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