Online Fitness Coach vs Personal Trainer

A healthy comparison between online fitness coach vs personal trainer which is right for you ?

So you need to hire a personal trainer or a personal coach? These two terms are often confused. Who should you rely upon for your health and fitness goals? Before answering them, let’s get to know each of the terms first.

Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is somebody that belongs to a specific gym. He or she trains the members of that gym, either at the gym or their homes. People hire them so that they can look after them while they are exercising. Personal trainers only keep a track of your routine workout.

Online Fitness Coach

Fitness coaches are the people who are not usually associated with the gym. They are independent coaches having their websites online or social medias for people to hire them. They are responsible for your fitness as well as health.

Now to help you decide which one of the two you should go for; we are comparing both of them.

Online Fitness Coach vs Personal Trainer

Who Does More?

Online fitness coaches go through your daily routine. Then they provide you with a schedule along with a diet plan that incorporates a lot of nutrients and healthy vitamins. They also give you a workout plan so that your body stays healthy outside as well as from inside.

On the other hand, a personal trainer is the one who trains you throughout the process of your weight loss/gain journey. They motivate you and accompany you while you work out.

This clearly shows that an online fitness coach does more for your health and fitness than a personal trainer.


It is not necessary to develop a sense of understanding with your fitness coach. Your relationships remain from email to email or a Skype call to another. In the case of a personal trainer, you both should have a good relationship so that you are comfortable enough to tell them that you cannot do more of this when having a hard workout session. In short, your vibe should connect your personalities should resonate.


Personal trainers are great as long as you need constant motivation and company for your daily work out. You have to follow their timetable for having a session with them because they also have other clients to train.

On the other hand, an online fitness coach does not require your time. You get the schedule through email that you simply have to follow yourself without going somewhere and with the ease of amendments.

Long-Lasting Changes

A coach covers more of your health and fitness problems than a trainer. That is why the time spent under the supervision of an online fitness coach does better to your body. A trainer’s work remains with you until you change your diet while your coach’s efforts last for at least six months.

In the end, it is upon you to decide whom to hire because both have their pros and cons depending on the person’s need. According to my verdict on online fitness coach vs fitness trainer, one should go for an online fitness coach considering the variety of services they provide. your search for an online fitness coach should start at

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