How to Take Your Personal Training Online in 2022

Transform Your Personal Training Online in 2022

            Online Personal Training in 2022.

You have the skills, the temperament and the practical knowledge to be in the top 1% of personal trainers in the UK, even the world. Your style of training, mixed with your understanding of the human body and nutrition is a potent combination that allows people to live their best lives when they train with you.

            The impact you are having is already profound but it pales in comparison to the potential level of positive impact you can make if you could increase your reach. By adding value to more people, you make the world a better place. The question becomes, “How do I increase my reach to work with more people and create a more profound impact?”

Move Your Training Online and Create Courses to Expand Your Reach

              As an individual, you only have access to so much time and energy. Not so long ago, this was a major roadblock to expanding and growing your personal training business. However, taking your personal training business online and creating courses for your clients allows you to scale your business like never before.

  • Multiply your reach by moving your personal training online, where you can host classes for dozens to hundreds of clients. Posting videos that are always available and have your personal training business in every country around the world!
  • Create courses so that clients can continue to gain and retain, the value from your content long after you have produced it. This way, your knowledge and specific style of training will continue to positively affect clients you could never have had the time or energy to train.

How to Start and Maximize your Growth Online

              The key to successful business growth is to see and leverage the worldwide trends related to your business. When it comes to personal training, online is where the growth is set to happen. In 2019, the online personal training market was valued at 6 billion dollars. By 2027, it is projected to be worth to an astounding 59 billion dollars, growing at an expected rate of over 30% yearly!

            How can you make sure you are poised to be part of this amazing growth?

The1Coach and TheOnlineContentCreator

              Strategic partnerships are how you ensure that you are leveraging everything possible to grow your online personal training business. Who should you partner with?


            The1Coach is the premier way to grow and expand your online personal training business. Based in the UK, is an innovative platform that allows personal trainers to take their training expertise online and present their services to 100’s of new leads every month. The1Coach gives you personalised profile and listings plus provides you with online fitness coaching templates, gives you exclusive partner discounts and much more. For the personal trainer that is looking to take their online personal training business to the next level, is the way to do it.



TheOnlineContentCreator is the online content creator ( online courses specialist) that you need to grow
your reach and impact. teaches you how to create evergreen content that will continue to be relevant, and can continue to drive sales and leads your way for years to come. Together with The1Coach you will have an online business fully set up and able to teach your classes with self study or one on one personalised training as we both understand that not one shoe fits all.
They also teach you how to think about and approach the growth of your business.

They are so dedicated to this idea that right on their homepage it is boldly stated. “Success is 5% strategy, 95% mindset. We teach you both”. We create your content with you, build your business from videos lessons, branding and all the back-end-tech set up needed to bring your business into the world of unlimited clients completely done with and for you.

Become an Online Personal Training Phenomenon

              It is often said that you are one or two relationships away from changing your life. These are the two relationships you need to change your online personal training business forever. Reach out to and To see how you can match your personal training expertise with their knowledge and watch your business grow!

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