How to Market Online Personal Training Services in the UK

Marketing your online personal training in the UK to grow your business to levels you never thought you could achieve.

You have the skills, the personality and the drive to deliver world-class personal training online … but how do you connect with your clients?

            When it comes to building client relationships and attracting new online personal training clients, do you ever feel stuck? You have business goals, client impact goals and personal financial goals that you are striving for. The only missing part is the clients! The question becomes where do you begin the process of attracting these clients?

            One thing is certain, personal training online is growing at an unprecedented rate. It is expected that online/ virtual personal training will be a nearly $60 billion industry by the end of 2027. That is a 10 fold increase from 2019! In the UK alone, you can expect a 15% increase in personal trainers in the next decade.

            With competition heating up, how do you stand out from everyone else offering personal training online? How can you get the exposure that you need to make the impact you want to make? What does it take to reach those who are looking for an online personal trainer in the UK?

Marketing Strategies for Online Personal Trainers in the UK

            Marketing your services for personal training online isn’t typically a one size fits all approach. To separate yourself from other online personal trainers in the UK, you need to tailor your marketing for your specific services. How do you do that?

Email Lists

Email lists are an effective tool to get your message out there. The return on email marketing is reported to be 42:1. An impressive return. This method takes creating and delivering quality content that is actionable. If you can help solve their problems, your audience has a reason to give you their email. You can then use your email list to promote your services.


Instagram is a great tool to grow your influence. You can build a following by posting valuable content, engaging stories/reels and educational material. You can also pay to have your posts promoted and viewed by more users in your niche. Building a following will take time but can be a great way to market your services and show how personal training online changes the lives of your clients.


Facebook is still the largest social network on earth so if you want to market your online personal training services in the UK, Facebook is a great way to do it. You can make groups and display your clients fitness results to everyone in those groups, showcasing your training skills.


Leaflets may seem low tech… because they are. The thing is, they work! Research has shown that almost 60% of people that receive leaflets in the mail open them the day they arrive. Door drops are less effective but they see some engagement as well.

Networking Events

Networking events will get you around other players in your industry. While these events are hard to quantify in exact terms of return on time spent, connections with the right people can take you a long way.

SEO Optimized Content

If you want to market your online personal training services in the UK, you must create high-quality, SEO optimized content. Making a positive impact in your potential client’s life with your content, even before they hire you, will show how much you care. Hiring you for personal training online is the next logical step for your target audience.

Where to Begin?

Knowing the strategies is a good start. Next, you have to ask yourself, “How much time should I invest in marketing my personal training online?” and “How much money do I invest in marketing my online personal trainer services?”

The answer?


            Use! It is an all-in-one service that provides a platform for online personal trainers to market their services to clients. Instead of working the strategies and doing the marketing yourself, you can align your services with a platform that will showcase your skills, your knowledge and your services to the clients you are looking to work with.

            The1Coach’s goal is to give personal training clients a way to “Find The1Coach for you”. You can be “that 1 coach”. Reach out today and see how you can start meeting your future clients today with the help of

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