How to find an online personal trainer

The best way to find an online personal trainer and how to choose the right coach that will help you.

We want to share with you the best ways to search and find an online personal trainer and also how to choose the best coach for you .

There are many ways to start your search for an online personal trainer and it mainly starts with a google search or on Instagram. the problem with searching on these platforms you are bombarded with ads from sites that have nothing to do with your search or blog posts listing platforms that aren’t quite up to standard for your search.

How big is the online personal training market

According to PTDC (Personal Trainer development Centre) 83% of personal trainers will work online after the pandemic and just 14% said they would strictly trainer clients face to face with no online business. But since the pandemic there are a few things that are more relevant than ever:

  • There is more trust online
  • There is a bigger market for online fitness
  • The belief that online personal training works

With the rest of the world catching up with the prospects of online personal training this means an increase in the market and attracting the best coaches.

How to choose the right online personal trainer

Choosing the right coach for you can be difficult. Its hard to judge someone you haven’t met before and if you will like to work with them. Most of the time you gauge this off a transformation photo or simply a photo of coach them self. This does not always mean they know what they are doing in regards to coaching others to achieve great results.

Online concerns

The concerns you might have finding an online personal trainer would be: will they get me results? How much do they cost? will I get on with them ? what do others say about this coach?

All these questions can be answered with a simple search of The1Coach the only place to find an online personal trainer with a detailed profile.

Finding The1Coach

Your only search should be on The1Coach where we offer the information others do not about your coach. We offer previous transformations, business information and personal information to get to know your new online personal trainer

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