How to find a certified online personal trainer

Online personal training is vastly becoming more and more in demand with the industry expected to grow to be worth $60 billion by the end of 2027. This increase of 10% from 2019 and a huge 15% increase in the UK alone, explains the potential growth of online personal training in the next 5 years. But how do you find a certified online personal trainer ? this blog will explain all.

What kind of online personal trainer do you need, based on your goals

This question has a vast range of answers depending on what your needs are. Whether your goals are weight loss, bodybuilding or even a sports specific coaching its always better you learn about your coach first. First impressions are key, if you don’t get the right feeling about a specific coach its not the right one. It can be hard to judge character at first sight and based off some transformation photos. The only true way to choose your ideal online personal trainer is to use The1Coach. This listing platform showcases detailed profiles of each coach, to learn and experience before you contact your 1 Coach.

Your budget: how much does an online personal trainer cost

Online personal training prices fluctuate massively but to provide a benchmark price; we’ve explored the typical price of an online personal trainer using an example of a successful PT business.

Many online personal trainers opt for a package system which will see clients tied into a contract to ensure a period of commitment. However, this commitment period is often only between 1-3 months long, meaning clients do not feel a level of pressure to stick with a trainer for a prolonged length of time and trainers are still guaranteed a minimal contract.

To demonstrate a typical package price structure and what is provided, we will take a look at Embody Fitness:

Their programme mirror many online personal training coach pricing structures throughout the UK providing a 4,8 & 12 week structure. The Embody Fitness programme consists of: 

  • A 4, 8 or 12 week tailored workout plan
  • Customised nutrition plan
  • On going support
  • Weekly in depth analysis

Prices range from £199 to £450 depending on your length of coaching.

How to hire an online personal trainer

To find an online personal trainer, search about them, find reviews, find transformation photos, create a connection, discuss pricing can be a long winded scenario, but not anymore. The1Coach marketing platform puts everything in one place. The only dedicated online personal training platform that showcases each coach in detail and gives you everything, you as a potential client would want to know and more.

How many sessions a week do I need to achieve results

The answer to this question depends on your goals but according to a 2020 survey done by YouGov 27% of Britain’s aren’t exercising at least once a week. When it comes to achieve the best results and achieving your fitness goals. These will be decided by your experienced coach, but as a rule of thumb experts suggest 45 minutes to 1 hour, 3 to 4 times per week.

Online personal trainer reviews and testimonies

This is one of, if not the more important component in hiring an online personal trainer. Finding clients who have worked with a certain coach and leaving reviews and testimonies is key. This important information can give you an idea of how working with the coach will be and if you believe its right for you as a client. The1Coach’s detailed listing profile showcases reviews, testimonies and transformations in an easy to follow profile.

What to look out for when hiring an online personal trainer

To get what you want from a certified online personal trainer you need to know a bit about them. Forming a good relationship with a coach is key, once you trust your coach you can achieve great things. Qualifications are also a very important aspect while on the search for an online personal trainer. In the UK the main certifications are Level 2 Fitness instructor and Level 3 personal trainer. In addition to this, a recognised nutrition qualification from the likes of FutureFit and Origym would be very beneficial to you.

How to find a certified online personal trainer

The1Coach is your only answer and the only dedicated online personal training marketing platform. The detailed listing profiles showcase each and every coach in a unique way. Using the information provided by the coach you can make the decision on who you would like to help you achieve your fitness goals. Search The1Coach for your perfect coach.

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