5 Benefits Of Online Coaching And Why Its Amazing

The presence of online coaching is growing quickly with more and more coaches taking to online services. They are trying to grow their business’ and reach a wider audience. We wanted to break down 5 benefits of online coaching and why its so amazing.

With the dreaded lockdowns of covid-19 that accelerated coaches to go online and start coaching from home. But many people are still unsure about the thought of online fitness coaching, and having no in person coaching with a coach is an odd prospect for some to grasp. With todays technology widely accessible by most with smartphone apps, and utilizing platforms like Zoom and Facebook, it is becoming far easier and a hugely popular alternative to in person coaching.

Here are 5 reasons how you could benefit from online coaching:


Online coaching is incredibly cost effective in comparison to in person 1-1 coaching. In a time where things are getting more expensive, online coaching has become a great option to get all the support you need if you aren’t quite in a position to commit financially to 1-1 coaching. You will most likely get a month of online training for the price of 2, or in some cases 1, personal training session.

Accountability and motivation

Make yourself accountable and more motivated then ever with regular support. Receive regular check-in emails and messages as well as regular progress check ups throughout the week, ensuring that you are staying on track and getting the results that you want. Have a coach by your side daily and with you every step of the way.

Flexibility and freedom

You have the flexibility of training anywhere in the world, and in any gym you wish. If you find you are away on business regularly, or live a sporadic life as cabin crew, you can train anywhere and your progress doesn’t need to be hindered by your travels.

Time and schedule

Train around your schedule, when you want. You wont be required to stick to your coaches schedule like you would in a 1-1 setting. If you get called in to work early or your meeting runs later in to the evening than you had planned you can schedule your training around the time that you have available each day.


With online coaching, communication channels are always open. Email, calls, texts or messengers with the MYPTHUB app you can contact your coach whenever you wish, and with added apps like Whatsapp, Facebook and Skype the communication channels are endless. Get the support you want when you need it.

Conclusion – is online coaching right for you?

Online coaching is aimed at everyone, it may well be suited more towards those that are a bit more experienced and need that extra support to get the results they want, but with the ease of obtaining and sharing information, exercise videos and instructional videos can be shared seamlessly. Making online coaching applicable to anyone of any fitness background. If you want to start your search for an online coach, let The1Coach help

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