All About The1Coach

We are The1Coach! We give online coaches a platform to showcase their skills to new prospective clients. The aim of The1Coach is to give fitness professionals a platform to start and grow their online fitness business. This innovative platform will help 1000’s of fitness professionals achieve their dreams of becoming a full time online fitness coach. We are a UK based company with over 5 years of experience in the fitness industry. So we started The1Coach with a dream of growing with the fitness industry. It is projected online personal training will grow 15% in the UK alone in the next few years. We want to help as many newly qualified and experienced personal trainers as we can to grow their business

 About Me

The business was started when myself, Jamie Abel (Founder/Owner), started an online fitness business after being a Personal Trainer for 5 years. I wanted to help more than just the people in my gym and also those that lacked confidence with gym workouts. To begin with, I struggled to find clients and when I wanted an online coach for myself (practice what you preach) I couldn’t find anywhere to find a coach apart from social media. I found this very unpersonal and misleading with photos of these “coaches” posing in mirrors. As a result, I quickly realised just because you look good it does not make you a good online coach. So, I created The1Coach where genuine coaches can showcase their skills and knowledge to thousands of people to help and achieve their fitness goals. In the future I want to take The1Coach global and help tens of thousands of coaches find their ideal client and clients find “the1coach for you”.